Master Kwong Tam has dedicated almost four decades’ service to his local community has been recognised with a national honour, has been given a British Citizen Award. He presented flowers to Student and instructor Lynne Murphy to thank her nominating him for the British Citizen Award.

City of Liverpool Citizen of Honour Award

The Citizen of Honour award was introduced by Liverpool City Council in 2008 to formally recognise individuals who have made a significant, exceptional or unique contribution to enriching the life of the city.

For more than 40 years, Ken Tam representing the Chinese community, including the longest standing chairman of the See Yep association and founding the Merseyside School of Tai Chi, the first of its kind in the UK.

On 9th May 2016, Ken Tam received his Citizen of Honour Award at Liverpool Town Hall. The presentation was led by Lord Mayor Councillor Tony Conception and Mayor Councillor Joe Anderson.


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