The mysterious, slow movements of Tai Chi have been seen for years across the Far East. The health benefits are well known and practitioners praise the meditative effects for the mind and body.

It is for these reasons why Tai Chi has become one of the fastest growing martial arts in the west today.

The Merseyside School of Tai Chi is the largest such school in the north of England and teaches the Yang Style in its purest form without a dilution towards dance or exercise as seen in many other schools.

The Merseyside School Of Tai Chi was founded by Master Kwong Tam in 1983 when he began a twice weekly class at the newly opened Croxteth Sports Centre, Liverpool.

Almost two decades on and hundreds of students have studied his classic martial arts form across Merseyside at what has become the largest Tai Chi school in the North West.

His own martial arts experience began before he reached his teens when he practised San Shou at a school in Hong Kong. He developed a keen interest in Kung Fu and regularly sparred with other students.

The Yang Style Tai Chi Master Tam teaches comes from the careful instruction of Lam Yu Chung, a Hong Kong Master now in his 80's who has emigrated to Canada and is still teaching. His own senior students, Andrew Ho and Janice Davies are currently instructing in the Toronto Canada area.

Master Lam was himself a dedicated student who saw the art as more than just 'an exercise'. He practised under Cham Jung Fong, a Tai Chi Master who taught thousands of students in Kowloon, Hong Kong, for over 40 years.

Master Cham's art came from one of the purest and highest qualified teachers in China, Master Tang Kum Chow who, at the time, was one of only four Tai Chi competition judges in China. To qualify as an instructor through Master Tang required more than just form and dedication. It required a complete knowledge of the Tai Chi system and lifestyle and a perfection in all disciplines.

Since his classes began, a number of students have qualified to instruct in Simplified or Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi techniques across Merseyside, and all over the UK. These are:

    Jim Mandaracus
    Gary Strearmes
    David Haynes
    Joyce Hughes
    Richard Lee
    Pat Dunne
    Phyllis Denton
    Moyra Strangeways
    Abdul Rasid
    Stephen Cook
    Bob Broughton
    Lynne Murphy

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